Viete is addressing the issue of crypto products frequently failing and causing investors to lose money, which can be due to scams or a lack of a well-designed token economy and engineering issues. Our goal is to create a new workflow that emphasizes cutting-edge token engineering principles, along with extensive knowledge of best mathematical practices both inside and outside of the blockchain industry. We help startups and large enterprises build and integrate web3 solutions to ensure that their projects are well-constructed, economically sound, scalable, and secure, which will enable them to have a greater impact on the world.


Token-based economic systems can be compared to electrical or mechanical systems that transmit information through electricity or physical forces. Our solution's core is the Category Theory visual language, which takes a holistic approach and allows interaction with advanced mathematics and algorithms to iterate complex system architecture. We've built a structural framework that is rapidly becoming a language for web3 architects and engineers to create sustainable systems.



Founded in 2019 by Anton Kuzmin and Stanisalv Kapulkin from a dream, not about a product, but about the culture needed to sustain innovation using math based approach.


Our company was founded by a team with a diverse background in business, technology, and science, including experience at companies like JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs, and Veronis Suhler Stevenson. We have hubs in Israel and Miami, and have focused on research and development in the manufacturing, energy, fintech, and blockchain sectors. We have expertise in computer science, machine learning, deep learning, and cognitive science, as well as in areas of mathematics like type theory, game theory, and category theory. Our passion is using emerging technologies to promote democratization and financial inclusivity, and to create new opportunities for economic growth for all involved.

The Rarity

We saw a rare opportunity to unlock large-scale benefits by bridging the gap between blockchain, math-science, and real-world issues. Our startup began as a small team of passionate individuals with a shared vision of using blockchain technology to solve real-world problems. We recognized the challenges developers and creators faced when building on this new technology.