We help prevent Crypto-Scam, and increase Financial Predictability at the beginning of development.


Our philosophy is narrowing to serve builders and creators with bold commitment to capturing value in their communities that will impact on minds, wealth, society, change the way of people create, communicate and evolve the world.

We want to fix the root of the problem where most-crypto products fail and investors lose money. The reasons for failure often include outright scams, but most times it comes as a result of a bright story with a temporary vision that lacks the token economy design that could serve large-communities and be sustainable over the long term. Since token economies are decentralized, it is important to establish certain rules of the tokens into the programmable code to ensure a level of coordination and governance and here we need different approaches and new workflow that protects investors, collectors and communities, with the knowledge that the project is well-built and economics are right. This is particularly important as projects, like companies, operate under the "going concern" assumption with the ability to scale faster than ever, creating a broader impact on the world than was previously possible.


◐ Market Design

Becomes crucial in the economic design of large communities. The right algorithmic setup helps communities make smarter decisions. Learn more

◓ Token Design

One of the main important steps is to establish certain rules of the tokens into the code to ensure a level of coordination and governance. Token Design contains a mathematical function that governs the exchange rate of the token, which is crucial because a mistake could affect the stability of the value of tokens in the long-term.

◐ Security and Audit

Products become broader and smart-contracts become more difficult, errors could affect significantly in long-term code audits, error detections, predictable analytics, smart-refactoring, security architecture assessment is life saving practices.

◐ Applied Category Theory

Crypto and Applied Category Theory is officially a thing now! We use CT approach as a way to level up the process people design economics and build crypto-products. Our RnD have expanded CT’s applicability to areas such as economics, engineering, machine learning, knowledge representation, database theory and more.

◒ Mechanism Design

Models the rules of communities to govern the actions of participants which become woven into the code of smart contracts. Mechanism Design becomes critical as digital assets, brands, and communities that are modeled around it increase in size and rate of growth.

◑ Frameworks and Protocols

Most of the crypto-products created through the lens of Music, Film, Fashion, and Art are not ready for rapid growth because they are not adapted to govern large communities which could negatively affect whole communities, investors, and collectors. Library of smart-contracts with pre-designed token economics is the way to start well. Learn more

◐ Integrations and Control

Integrate product with other dev. solutions, databases, AI services, APIs, and more for improve token engineering practices.



Founded in 2019 by Anton Kuzmin and Stanisalv Kapulkin from a dream, not about a product, but about the culture needed to sustain innovation using math based approach.


With hubs in Israel and Miami we have thoroughly invested in RnD and product development across the Manufacturing, Energy, FinTech and Blockchain sectors globally. Our background sits at the intersection of business, technology, and science for more than 15 years at places like JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs, and Veronis Suhler Stevenson. We realize that our knowledge of computer science, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Cognitive Science, areas of mathematics Type Theory, Game Theory and Category Theory coupled with our team experience positions us to make significant impact. We are passionate about leveraging nascent technologies to promote democratization and unlock new forms of creation, ownership and financial inclusivity to bring economic windfalls for everyone involved.

The Rarity

Today we see a rare opportunity to unlock large scale benefits as we bridge the gap between blockchain, math-science, and real world issues.

We are build group of protocols supports community driven moderation framework including: Design making protocol, Voting, Bargaining, Allocation and Resolution mechanisms, Monetary policy, Valuation, Return to Investment, Token policy, Architecture and more. Create the tools that allows communities to design, simulate and generate secure, transparent, and math-proven token-economy in order to decide what policies to enforce.

We want to give to everyone tools and applicable framework structure of tokenomics that are easy to implement, and affect communities in areas of DeFi, music, fashion, film, sport, science, social/charity, gaming, education; make impact for industries as Insurance, Finance, Supply-Chine, Media and more.

Overall Vision: is to give full infrastructure for builders and creators so that they have the opportunity create broader, secure, scalable and financially more predictable crypto-products that allow investors understand the value and creators change the world.