We Hacked how to create a diagram editor based on Category Theory—a visual math language aligned with human thinking, which takes a holistic approach and allows interaction with advanced mathematics and algorithms to iterate complex system architecture. We have built a structural framework that is rapidly becoming a language for emerging architects and engineers to create sustainable systems and deliver digital transformation solutions much faster.


Token Engineering

Token Engineering DevOps methodology, which combines established practices, mathematical principles, and a visual editor to simplify and accelerate the design-to-code process.

Deep Learning

Category theory visual interface to create drag-and-drop mechanisms for deep learning operations and make them accessible for non-experts. Aims to develop solutions for super alignment problems based on category theory in general.



Founded in 2019 by Anton Kuzmin and Stanisalv Kapulkin from a dream, not about a product, but about the culture needed to sustain innovation using math based approach.


Our company was founded by a team with a diverse background in business, technology, and science, including experience at companies like JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs, and Veronis Suhler Stevenson. We have hubs in Israel and Miami, and have focused on research and development in the manufacturing, energy, fintech, and blockchain sectors. We have expertise in computer science, machine learning, deep learning, and cognitive science, as well as in areas of mathematics like type theory, game theory, and category theory. Our passion is using emerging technologies to promote democratization and financial inclusivity, and to create new opportunities for economic growth for all involved.